I built the first Logo Grid Generator™

Imagine having the power to effortlessly create pixel-perfect grids, spot errors in your logos, and accelerate your design process by leaps and bounds. With Grid it™, the first-ever Logo Grid Generator™, this vision becomes a reality.

October 16, 2023

I built the First Logo Grid Generator™

Revolutionising Logo Design, One Grid at a Time...

In the dynamic world of logo design, I've had the privilege of crafting hundreds of logos for a wide range of clients. Over the years, I've marvelled at the ever-evolving design landscape and asked myself, "What part of the creative process could be automated or enhanced with technology?"

As a seasoned logo designer, I've often found myself caught in the trap of "pixel-pushing," and I knew there had to be a better way.

The Birth of 'Grid it™' - The first Logo Grid Generator™

One thing became abundantly clear: grids are the unsung heroes of logo design. They play a fundamental role in both correcting and presenting a logo.

However, creating these grids has traditionally been a time-consuming, manual process that can sometimes feel like a tedious pixel-by-pixel battle.

Introducing 'Grid it™'

This got me thinking. In an industry where precision is paramount and time is of the essence, what if there was a solution that could simplify the creation of logo grids while maintaining the highest standards of design? That's when the idea for the first Logo Grid Generator™ was born.

The Power of Automation

I saw a massive opportunity to streamline this essential aspect of logo design and set out to create a tool that would revolutionise the way designers approach their craft.

It wasn't just about automating a process; it was about empowering designers to focus on the creative aspects of their work while eliminating the tedious and repetitive tasks.

Why are logo design grids important?

Logo design grids have always been something that is aesthetically pleasing to glare at (when done correctly). Something to include when presenting the logo.

Not only that, but it allows logo designers to discover any hidden errors. Logo grids are a necessity within logo design, but can be a barrier when it comes to accuracy and above all; time.

I carried out a survey with the logo design community, to identify how long it takes designers to create grids. The results are shocking... good and bad.

'Good' because it was proof I was onto something, but 'Bad' because designers should not be spending 1 hour on ONE logo grid.

Imagine how many hours they spend every week, month and year...

Here are the results:

Poll created on instagram
The Solution

From these results, it was clear. Even if I made a Logo Grid Generator™ that generates grids in 5 minutes, it would be a BIG win.
However, Grid it™ produces grids instantly... what use to take 60 minutes, now takes 0.6 seconds.

When building Grid it™, the aim was for it to be:

  • Simple and Intuitive: An interface that was very clear and 'Apple' like.
  • Ridiculously Convenient: Designers could generate grids right in their workspace. Therefore, making it an Adobe Extension that feels as if it was always there.
  • Extremely Fast: Making it generate grids at a click of a button...
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Why is Grid it™ more efficient?

Making these points the ultimate focus, it resulted in building a product that solved vital pain points for logo designers when creating grids:

  • Discover Errors in Your Logo: Grid it™ acts as a vigilant companion, helping you spot errors and imperfections in your logo designs. It ensures that your logos are pixel-perfect and free from inconsistencies.
  • 100% Accurate: Grid it™ is designed to work seamlessly with your creative process. It doesn't make assumptions or add unnecessary complexity. It grids precisely what you create, ensuring a flawless result every time.
  • 100x Faster: What used to be a time-consuming task that could take up to 60 minutes is now lightning-fast with Grid it™. Thanks to automation, creating logo grids now takes just 0.6 seconds, allowing you to spend more time on the creative aspects of your work.
Response from the Design Community

After months of dedication and hard work, Grid it™  is no longer just an idea—it's a reality. I decided to reveal the project to the design community, and the response has been overwhelming.

Almost 5,000 designers are eagerly awaiting its release joining the waitlist, and I'm incredibly grateful for the support and enthusiasm. I receive many DM's daily about Grid it™, which goes to show the excitement and need of it!

The Road Ahead

As we wrap up the final stages of beta testing, I'm thrilled to announce that the official release date is just around the corner.

Grid it™' is set to transform the way logo designers work, making logo creation more efficient, precise, and enjoyable.

I can confirm, it will be first tool out of many, with the intention of helping logo designers in the creative process.

Join the Journey

If you're as excited about this groundbreaking tool as I am, I invite you to join the waitlist at www.gridit.io

Be the first to experience the future of logo design, and let's embark on this exciting journey together. Stay tuned for updates, tutorials, and a host of resources to help you make the most of Grid it™

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A New Era for Logo Design

The world of logo design is evolving, and I couldn't be more thrilled to lead the way. Thank you for being part of this incredible adventure 🫶🏿