I built the first Logo Grid Generator™

After working with global brands such as FIFA, BET, Space Force and more, I've created a tool that improves the precision and efficiency for all logo designers world wide.

October 16, 2023

I built the First Logo Grid Generator™

Revolutionising Logo Design, One Grid at a Time...

In the dynamic world of logo design, I've had the privilege of crafting hundreds of logos for a wide range of clients.

Over the years, I've marvelled at the ever-evolving design landscape and asked myself, "What part of the creative process could be automated or enhanced with technology?"

As a seasoned logo designer, I've often found myself caught in the trap of "pixel-pushing," and I knew there had to be a better way.

For years, I had an urge to create a product that would improve the efficiency and accuracy of my logo designs...

Why are logo design grids important?
  1. Accurate Logos - Logo design is about consistency. Using logo grids allow you to identify patterns within your logos, enabling you to make any tweaks for better accuracy.
  2. Professional Logos - Logo grids allow you to create world class balanced logos, which ultimately enable you to charge more than the average logo design
  3. Error-free logos - The last thing you want is errors in your logos. Logo grids enable you to discover inconsistencies within your logos you may not have seen without the use of important grid components such as gridlines.
Disadvantages of creating grids manually

One downside to creating logo grids is time.

I carried out a survey with the logo design community, to identify how long it takes designers to create grids. The results are shocking... good and bad.

'Good' because it is proof of the importance of logo grids, but 'Bad' because designers should not be spending hours on ONE logo grid.

Imagine how many hours a freelance logo designer spends every week, month and year...

Here's a video demonstration I made comparing Automated and Manual Logo Grids:

The Solution

From these results, it was clear. Even if I made a Logo Grid Generator™ that generates grids in 5 minutes, it would be a huge game changer for logo designers.
However, Logo Grid Generator™ produces grids instantly... what use to take 60 minutes, now takes 0.6 seconds.

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Why is Grid it™ more efficient?

Making these points the ultimate focus, it resulted in building a product that solved vital pain points for logo designers when creating grids:

  • Discover Errors in Your Logo: Grid it™ acts as a vigilant companion, helping you spot errors and imperfections in your logo designs. It ensures that your logos are pixel-perfect and free from inconsistencies.
  • 100% Accurate: Grid it™ is designed to work seamlessly with your creative process. It doesn't make assumptions or add unnecessary complexity. It grids precisely what you create, ensuring a flawless result every time.
  • 100x Faster: What used to be a time-consuming task that could take up to 60 minutes is now lightning-fast with Grid it™. Thanks to automation, creating logo grids now takes just 0.6 seconds, allowing you to spend more time on the creative aspects of your work.
Join the Journey

Grid it™ is growing fast and taken the logo design community by storm. As more tools to join the line-up, you can join the Grid it™ community.

The Grid it™ community offers a Free logo design course on 'Creating Modern Logos', and more freebies such as logo presentation templates.

Grid it™ aims to build a community of logo designers who strive to create compelling professional logo designs

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