How to get featured on Behance

A behance feature can create many more opportunities for you as a designer, here's how to do it...

May 5, 2023

After leaving university, I went straight into freelancing, with uncertainty, no savings and a lot of debt.

I knew my work needed exposure and I had to do this online. I doubled down on Behance (‘doubled down’ is an understatement…) and was obsessed with receiving a feature.

2 years later as a logo design freelancer, I’ve been fortunate to work on projects such as FIFA, BET, Space Force & more. I’ve generated over $100,000. A large chunk of that being a result from utilising Behance.

I can whole-heartedly say that if I had not taken advantage of all the functions on Behance such as features, livestreams and case studies, my career would be very different and I wouldn’t be where I am today.

5 steps to follow for a feature on Behance

If you are a designer looking to gain more exposure or even attract high paying clients, then a Behance feature maybe for you.

This topic is hard to find anywhere on the internet. After hours of research, late nights, I now have 12 Behance features/ awards under my belt.

Here are several important things I discovered from all my features.

Please note, the only guarantee to a feature is excellent work, but these tips will increase your chances:

  • 1.  Presentation - Follow a specific theme with your presentation so your work looks unified.
  • 2.  Context - Explain the case studies. If you have to, small text in the corner still works but make sure it is legible.
  • 3.  Build some hype - Use the ‘work in progress feature’ and remind people about the release date. Also post on social media platforms to market your future project release.
  • 4.  Good description - Before uploading, fill out all of the details and use relevant words in the description. Include the most relevant Adobe software used - NOTE you will not get a feature if you list programs OTHER than Adobe
  • 5.  Have a consistent profile - i’m a big believer on ‘walking your talk’. If you're a logo design specialist, then only share logo design related work. I do believe the consistency of your profile may contribute towards what award you will receive, and how dedicated you are to your craft.

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Benefits of a Feature

Here are several benefits of receiving a feature on Behance:

  • Gain Exposure - Whether it’s clients or designers, Behance does a good job in putting your work in front of thousands/ millions of people once you manage to get features consistently.
  • Client Work - Behance puts your work on the front page for 1 week, and every potential client that visits Behance will not miss your work.
  • Other Opportunities - As a result of the exposure from my 12 awards, other opportunities opened up for me such as creating an Online Course. I was approached by Awwwards to create an online course which was a massive game changer for my career.

I had the pleasure of being invited to the No.1 Logo design podcast - LogoGeek.

Interview with Ian Paget from LogoGeek®

Recipe for a Behance Feature

Recipe for a Behance Feature